1. 11. making art to not go in the void

    2023-07-12 23:25:00 UTC
    sometimes my brain is a toilet hole that goes towards swirling a black hole of death and anxiety making and enjoying art helps. listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts while I draw, write or play piano. part of me makes art to feel seen and to make a career but the…

  2. 10. movies are just crafts

    2023-07-08 23:28:00 UTC
    movies seem sort of impossible to make, right? there’s so much to do and 10 million dollars is a tiny budget but movies are a craft, just like literal craft. like the stuff kids do. it doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, no stunts or anything. just a good…

  3. 9. Contrast

    2023-06-23 19:09:42 UTC
    People view the world through contrast To show Aladdin is poor, put him outside of an golden mansion. Have him go to bed hungry while the Sultan throws extra food away. Spongebob is even more annoyingly naive when he’s standing next to the curmudgeonly Squidward. Now that we have characters…

  4. 8. One thing leads to another (but/therefore)

    2023-06-23 17:15:00 UTC
    A story is made up beats. In a satisfying story, these beats are intimately connected, each leading to the next Ratatouille we meet Remi, a rat who loves food and idolizes a chef. His father believes he should just eat garbage and focus on survival. One day Remi finds a…

  5. 7. Telling stories reveals you

    2023-06-21 06:53:30 UTC
    I am afraid of writing stories as I reveal my character’s flaws, my own flaws are revealed. when my character changes, I am sharing my own desires this vulnerability is an act of bravery, especially when there are skeletons in the closet. stuff that I am not comfortable sitting with.…

  6. 6. Go in the hole with your audience

    2023-06-15 06:27:28 UTC
    A few years ago my friends and I got together for our first ever game of Dungeons and Dragons As the Dungeon Master, I was so excited for them to get into the epic story and fight and solve puzzles! I drew maps full of characters and settings, I wrote…

  7. 5. Art is a relationship with yourself

    2023-06-09 10:17:30 UTC
    Being dedicated to a project and seeking excellence is great but there is more there is a deeper form of artistic creation where the piece is part of me. it mirrors my internal world, revealing my flaws and beautiful traits in this state, creation becomes a relationship. for example, when…

  8. 4. Let meaning guide the design

    2023-06-05 18:39:00 UTC
    when I’m animating there is so much to keep in mind. camera placement, props, character design, set design, lighting, colour etc These can be a little overwhelming and it’s easy to just launch in and see what happens, then play with everything as I work. I’m learning to explore the…

  9. 3. let go of rules

    2023-05-31 04:46:00 UTC
    at some point I decided that my animations should all be perfect loops. SO MUCH WORK!  I am liberated from loops!! (looping elements like a torch or walk are great but the whole film doesn’t have to start where it finished) also a lot of my films are 1 minute…

  10. 2. razzle dazzle em’

    2023-05-27 17:32:00 UTC
    animation takes a lot of time. i’ve learned the hard way that people don’t always notice the suuuper subtle stuff see these tiny pictures? each took me around 40-150 hours to make. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that but also proud? I had to take that time to learn…

  11. 1. get inspiration first

    2023-05-26 16:26:00 UTC
    I love to just hop in and make stuff it’s a great way to start projects quickly but i often lose steam or get distracted. a LOT of work that I do does not get finished or shared. there’s something very wise about collecting inspiration and forming a vision before…

  12. Read my animation notes

    2023-05-03 22:53:00 UTC
    here is my behind the scenes log where I cuss and curse and figure out how to make decent animations Here’s my 2022/23 notes and my 2021/22 notes

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