27. showing up vs setting goals

it’s great to just show up daily to the art table buuuut eventually it feels good to set a concrete goal

I am making an album. I am making a book of puzzles. I am making music videos.

These things are concrete and can be real.

How do I integrate all the art I’m making in Procreate? it’s so fun and satisfying but doesn’t seem to fit anywhere. I guess animations? or practice?

I feel very emotional about my art. Just found out I didn’t get a big grant and it hurts! I took today to just be sad and kinda reorient. maybe it helps for me to set new goals so I feel some sense of direction at this moment of loss.

Someday I’ll be very dead and the stuff I make seems to be the most important thing to me. So I’m gonna just do, even when it hurts or is scary or feels like I’m selling out or not going anywhere. I’m just gonna show up.

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