1. 33. coming to learn my past

    2023-09-22 13:10:26 UTC
    I just had the most surprising dream. It was about how I started. How my family started. It wasn’t true perse but it felt true. We opened a business in the past long ago, I guess the 1920s and it was a burger shop in downtown Kensington where Ronnies is…

  2. 32. anger is good

    2023-09-11 17:15:15 UTC
    somedays (like today) everything is perfect but I just feel completely BLEH It’s confusing - WHY am I not happy? I realize now that, at least today it’s because I’m missing some good old fashioned rage. These little irritations build up and I try to solve them with peaceful, controlling…

  3. 31. I admit there is a payoff

    2023-09-06 16:35:45 UTC
    I have a desire to create art as quickly as possible, make it awesome and immediately get a ton of positive feedback.  I’m realizing this is a problem. Chasing that dopamine hit, I rush into creation with a desire to snag something good. Then, seeking external validation, I lose touch…

  4. 30. failure is part of the recipe

    2023-09-06 14:51:26 UTC
    Spent about 10 hours making these 3D dungeon animations. I just got lost and stopped working on them, it felt bad. I felt like I failed. Or like I have this loose thread that I ought to get back to This harsh judgement is so.. harsh!  “failure” is part of…

  5. 29. let authenticity be a ramp, not a wall

    2023-09-06 14:43:10 UTC
    I’ve started projects and put a lot of passion and work into them. Until one day, I realize “this project isn’t authentic to me. It’s not what I truly want to do.” so I shut it down and walk away this inner radar I have that detects bullshit is good!…

  6. 28. start simple, add detail

    2023-08-31 05:11:55 UTC
    Keep it simple by Proko Starting simple applies to every art form. Identifying big shapes in drawing, big plot points and themes in writing, clear characters in animation, key physics attributes in puzzle-making. It’s always tempting to add detail too early. But like they said in the tiktok linked above,…

  7. 27. showing up vs setting goals

    2023-08-30 03:34:58 UTC
    it’s great to just show up daily to the art table buuuut eventually it feels good to set a concrete goal I am making an album. I am making a book of puzzles. I am making music videos. These things are concrete and can be real. How do I integrate…

  8. 26. make art/comedy/write about real things

    2023-08-20 05:11:42 UTC
    went to a pretty brutal comedy show. the comedians were mostly unfocused and babbling. i realised a good story, a good art piece is about something. a noun. A snowman, a waterfall, a broken car. just give me something tangible to imagine and engage with

  9. 25. let go of “productivity”

    2023-08-20 04:01:46 UTC
    letting go of the idea that I must be constantly producing something it was suffocating me instead, having a joy for the process of creating and learning and discovering the greater “thing” that I want to create this new way of thinking is very peaceful and actually produces more and…

  10. 24. the new iPad effect

    2023-08-10 08:46:00 UTC
    Walking through Best Buy, I was salivating at all the pretty gizmos and gadgets. Yes I have an iPad and an iPhone but that iPad Mini would be perfect. It’s so mini! I could bring it to a cozy little coffee shop where I could write the next great novel…

  11. 23. add textures

    2023-08-09 22:17:51 UTC
    I’ve kinda thought of textures and fancy brushes as a bit of a crutch, like it hides the actual art behind a default aesthetic. I’m realizing that’s not true. The texture can enhance the art and open the door to more styles. Here are three of the texture packs I’ve…

  12. 22. it’s all part of your process

    2023-08-04 16:22:00 UTC
    I’ve been struggling with my art practice! Some days I just work at something that never really goes anywhere, like an animation that I spend weeks on only to leave it behind. I’ve been struggling because it feels shameful to be so “unproductive” and if I fancy myself a writer…

  13. 21. use layers to make a 3d space

    2023-08-02 18:13:00 UTC
    This multi-plane technique can be easily recreated in digital animation. I can make multiple pngs in photoshop and Procreate and combine them in Blender or After Effects to make a 3d environment with a moving camera. It’s somewhat simple stuff but my most recent animation is just so flat! I…

  14. 20. Say yes or say no. Either way, do it for you, not for them.

    2023-07-31 18:26:23 UTC
    I struggle with decision making. It often comes down to a fear that I will hurt someone’s feelings or get in trouble. Thing is, it’s not kind to sacrifice my life for the comfort of others, especially if it makes me resentful and half-assed. Commit to a path and do…

  15. 19. this is hard

    2023-07-25 04:15:35 UTC
    I just want to acknowledge that this is hard. doing art and trying to make a career. it’s hard. it’s scary trying to be creative while facing money uncertainty. trying to build a future while making space for art. hell, just being creative is hard. be vulnerable and focused. make…

  16. 18. set a goal

    2023-07-24 18:31:00 UTC
    When I sit down to make art I often feel drifty. I have my coffee, I have a couple hours set aside. but I don’t know what to do with myself set a goal. with a finish line I can focus. Right now I’m going to spend one hour making…

  17. 17. don’t run away, run towards

    2023-07-21 18:54:32 UTC
    running away from my fears only makes them remain in my life like making animations just so I don’t get caught in a boring job. that mindset puts a ton of pressure on me and injects fear into every decision I make. it makes it harder to take risks because…

  18. 16. just make something!! finish it!

    2023-07-21 04:14:14 UTC
    seriously it doesn’t have to be so good just finish it and move on more small pieces is a great goal between larger projects how can I finish pieces that feel too big? shrink it down. make it 5 seconds long. if you love it, expand it or make it…

  19. 15. using improv to write for animation

    2023-07-20 23:47:00 UTC
    Animation is much more isolated and planned than improv. sometimes it feels a bit lifeless. I’m working on this dungeon animation and I literally don’t know what to do with the story. I just had an idea to make a short in the stye of a retro 1980s video game…

  20. 14. expand your reading

    2023-07-13 10:10:00 UTC
    It’s too easy to read stuff that feels easy. It’s too comfortable to watch what an algorithm know’s I’ll like. I want to have ideas that make me feel uncomfortable, to watch movies that are from different places and times. to expand, not to dominate and gentrify these other ideas…

  21. 13. attention matters

    2023-07-13 09:32:03 UTC
    now that aritficial intelligence can generate content instantly and in infinite quantities, human attention is becoming the rare commodity the viewer feels the art, connects with it and inhabits it. take a look at this swamp monster concept art generated by Midjourney AI which monster do you like best? it…

  22. 12. use no background

    2023-07-13 09:12:42 UTC
    export stuff with no background and it can all be combined and moved around easily. add a background and things get stuck. this includes making a character’s head not quite touch their body so the two elements can be animated separately

  23. 11. making art to not go in the void

    2023-07-12 23:25:00 UTC
    sometimes my brain is a toilet hole that goes towards swirling a black hole of death and anxiety making and enjoying art helps. listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts while I draw, write or play piano. part of me makes art to feel seen and to make a career but the…

  24. 10. movies are just crafts

    2023-07-08 23:28:00 UTC
    movies seem sort of impossible to make, right? there’s so much to do and 10 million dollars is a tiny budget but movies are a craft, just like literal craft. like the stuff kids do. it doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, no stunts or anything. just a good…

  25. 9. Contrast

    2023-06-23 19:09:42 UTC
    People view the world through contrast To show Aladdin is poor, put him outside of an golden mansion. Have him go to bed hungry while the Sultan throws extra food away. Spongebob is even more annoyingly naive when he’s standing next to the curmudgeonly Squidward. Now that we have characters…

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