1. 80. there’s always one more dish

    2024-02-29 01:56:41 UTC
    you finish washing the dishes and wipe the counter. that’s when you inevitably find a dirty spatula. so you have to get your hands wet again or leave it at 99% Soooo this is true for animation. it’s not finished until it’s finished. The best thing to do it get…

  2. 79. Choosing is hard, gotta choose tho

    2024-02-29 01:52:32 UTC
    I’m a pretty happy person. Been really lucky There’s something holding me back. I don’t want to choose. I don’t want to choose a job or choose a project. I want comfort, not change. But the time comes and it has. To face reality and make a choice. I can…

  3. 78. lip syncing is about shifting mouth positions

    2024-02-21 19:30:47 UTC
    I’m lip syncing a large amount of dialogue for the Joe Pera sleep animation. In my last post on how to lip syncing I wrote that it’s about rhythm - that means you want to hit the timing of when the mouth is open or closed In this post I…

  4. 77. Be your own editor

    2024-02-07 06:24:49 UTC
    This could really be seven blog posts but they all came from one 1982 scifi magazine on writer’s block. Robert Sheckley describes a few tricks 1. Return to simplicity. When he started writing it was easy, as he got sophisticated it became difficult. return to the basics to get back…

  5. 76. add camera movement in post, not during animation

    2024-01-30 23:22:42 UTC
    Moving the camera before finishing animation just makes it harder to animate the shot and it locks you into camera moves prematurely. if it’s just pans, make a big image and animate it after.

  6. 75. focus on form, not line

    2024-01-26 23:22:00 UTC
    David Hockney’s iPad art is totally loose and amateur. it captures something real and honest.

  7. 74. i wont give up

    2024-01-24 23:22:00 UTC

  8. 73. link up with a creator

    2024-01-24 23:20:00 UTC
    and their launch

  9. 72. animating mouth talking is about hitting rhythm

    2024-01-24 04:37:00 UTC
    hitting rhythm

  10. 71. composition is about relationships

    2024-01-23 23:16:00 UTC

  11. 70. how to show scale?

    2024-01-21 23:15:00 UTC

  12. 69. plant a flag

    2024-01-19 03:35:00 UTC
    take a single action that gives you a win and establishes your determination to do something to be more creative just put a single brush of paint on paper to be healthier just run a single block it’s a small thing but that’s the point. you get a win and…

  13. 68. story writing: write stuff happening over time

    2024-01-16 16:42:00 UTC
    in a story write longterm changes two years ago I helped a man have your father killed. I left my husband a decade ago. Make these changes part of the story and relationships. it’s simple but helps add depth to writing

  14. 67. look at what you do naturally

    2024-01-14 16:42:46 UTC
    want to know what you want to do with your life? look at what you do naturally. I find myself drawn to teaching and writing.

  15. 66. put stuff in your hamster cage

    2024-01-09 06:48:20 UTC
    put a wheel in the hamster cage and the hamster runs put a ball in there and it plays ball this is how you can control yourself basically hahaha I wanted to learn piano but it’s kinda hard to play because I have a synth that has to be plugged…

  16. 65. write it down

    2024-01-08 05:27:17 UTC
    overwhelmed by ideas? write them all down! get it out of your head

  17. 64. instead of painting shadow, carve light

    2024-01-06 17:12:00 UTC
    look at this shadow helps add depth to a scene. but it can be a struggle to add shadows well. so that first video says to add a dark layer and carve out where the light hits, then add detail. meanwhile this video is about adding shadow lines that work…

  18. 63. sketchbook drawing is loose

    2024-01-05 22:44:16 UTC
    im having the problem with sitting down to draw and it not being good. don’t worry, just draw. try shapes and make characters, faces, buildings. loose and happy. sketchbook drawing is about exploration

  19. 62. practice creative minimalism

    2024-01-03 23:15:00 UTC
    creating an animation can be a big undertaking. it is easy to lose focus. remove the noise and focus on the core idea. only creating what is essential. this allows for more satisfying and complete work.

  20. 61. ask yourself, “what if it were easy?”

    2024-01-03 04:32:54 UTC
    I tend to make certain things really hard in my mind. I tell myself “I’m not good with money” and “I’m not good enough at anything to make a career” and “I’m confused about my career” and these become true. these are my limiting beliefs. The thing is, what feels…

  21. 60. look at your art in the mirror

    2023-12-31 07:26:00 UTC
    After an hour+ working on a piece, it starts to look right. It plateaus When you reverse your art digitally or in a mirror, you see it through new eyes. don’t be afraid to step away, come back and redo stuff. break it. I was thinking of an expression… “If…

  22. 59. feng shui and film design

    2023-12-25 06:10:18 UTC
    been watching these videos by Dear Modern talking about Chi in a home. his way of thinking is so soothing and clear I have been thinking of ways to apply energy flow design into other types of design like animations and even my website. Once I saw Feng Shui it’s…

  23. 58. overwhelmed? take actions, accept flaws and boundaries

    2023-12-25 06:09:26 UTC
    December was stressy Overwhelmed about gift buying and applying to jobs and just collapsing it helped to write a list of things to do. it helped to clean a bit. it helped to draw a bit. I got through december a little worse for wear with less money and no…

  24. 57. HYPE aka add trust indicators

    2023-12-09 06:41:18 UTC
    I’m watching this video about Tommy Tallarico. He’s made music for over 350 games garnering him 7 Guinness World Records. His mansion was on MTV Cribs a couple times and celebrities love him. Noo he lied. He hyped himself up and took credit for other people’s work and stole millions…

  25. 56. managing sleep!

    2023-12-07 19:44:17 UTC
    I’m a night owl so I often don’t align with the rest of the world. Understanding my mental rhythm over 24 hours helps me plan ahead In the morning I am curious and calm. In the afternoon I like to step outside and get my thoughts in order. In the…

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