1. 8. One thing leads to another (but/therefore)

    2023-06-23 17:15:00 UTC
    A story is made up beats. In a satisfying story, these beats are intimately connected, each leading to the next Ratatouille we meet Remi, a rat who loves food and idolizes a chef. His father believes he should just eat garbage and focus on survival. One day Remi finds a…

  2. 7. Telling stories reveals you

    2023-06-21 06:53:30 UTC
    I am afraid of writing stories as I reveal my character’s flaws, my own flaws are revealed. when my character changes, I am sharing my own desires this vulnerability is an act of bravery, especially when there are skeletons in the closet. stuff that I am not comfortable sitting with.…

  3. 6. Go in the hole with your audience

    2023-06-15 06:27:28 UTC
    A few years ago my friends and I got together for our first ever game of Dungeons and Dragons As the Dungeon Master, I was so excited for them to get into the epic story and fight and solve puzzles! I drew maps full of characters and settings, I wrote…

  4. 5. Art is a relationship with yourself

    2023-06-09 10:17:30 UTC
    Being dedicated to a project and seeking excellence is great but there is more there is a deeper form of artistic creation where the piece is part of me. it mirrors my internal world, revealing my flaws and beautiful traits in this state, creation becomes a relationship. for example, when…

  5. 4. Let meaning guide the design

    2023-06-05 18:39:00 UTC
    when I’m animating there is so much to keep in mind. camera placement, props, character design, set design, lighting, colour etc These can be a little overwhelming and it’s easy to just launch in and see what happens, then play with everything as I work. I’m learning to explore the…

  6. 3. let go of rules

    2023-05-31 04:46:00 UTC
    at some point I decided that my animations should all be perfect loops. SO MUCH WORK!  I am liberated from loops!! (looping elements like a torch or walk are great but the whole film doesn’t have to start where it finished) also a lot of my films are 1 minute…

  7. 2. razzle dazzle em’

    2023-05-27 17:32:00 UTC
    animation takes a lot of time. i’ve learned the hard way that people don’t always notice the suuuper subtle stuff see these tiny pictures? each took me around 40-150 hours to make. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that but also proud? I had to take that time to learn…

  8. 1. get inspiration first

    2023-05-26 16:26:00 UTC
    I love to just hop in and make stuff it’s a great way to start projects quickly but i often lose steam or get distracted. a LOT of work that I do does not get finished or shared. there’s something very wise about collecting inspiration and forming a vision before…

  9. Read my animation notes

    2023-05-03 22:53:00 UTC
    here is my behind the scenes log where I cuss and curse and figure out how to make decent animations Here’s my 2022/23 notes and my 2021/22 notes

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