1. 61. ask yourself, “what if it were easy?”

    2024-01-03 04:32:54 UTC
    I tend to make certain things really hard in my mind. I tell myself “I’m not good with money” and “I’m not good enough at anything to make a career” and “I’m confused about my career” and these become true. these are my limiting beliefs. The thing is, what feels…

  2. 60. look at your art in the mirror

    2023-12-31 07:26:00 UTC
    After an hour+ working on a piece, it starts to look right. It plateaus When you reverse your art digitally or in a mirror, you see it through new eyes. don’t be afraid to step away, come back and redo stuff. break it. I was thinking of an expression… “If…

  3. 59. feng shui and film design

    2023-12-25 06:10:18 UTC
    been watching these videos by Dear Modern talking about Chi in a home. his way of thinking is so soothing and clear I have been thinking of ways to apply energy flow design into other types of design like animations and even my website. Once I saw Feng Shui it’s…

  4. 58. overwhelmed? take actions, accept flaws and boundaries

    2023-12-25 06:09:26 UTC
    December was stressy Overwhelmed about gift buying and applying to jobs and just collapsing it helped to write a list of things to do. it helped to clean a bit. it helped to draw a bit. I got through december a little worse for wear with less money and no…

  5. 57. HYPE aka add trust indicators

    2023-12-09 06:41:18 UTC
    I’m watching this video about Tommy Tallarico. He’s made music for over 350 games garnering him 7 Guinness World Records. His mansion was on MTV Cribs a couple times and celebrities love him. Noo he lied. He hyped himself up and took credit for other people’s work and stole millions…

  6. 56. managing sleep!

    2023-12-07 19:44:17 UTC
    I’m a night owl so I often don’t align with the rest of the world. Understanding my mental rhythm over 24 hours helps me plan ahead In the morning I am curious and calm. In the afternoon I like to step outside and get my thoughts in order. In the…

  7. 55. some days hurt

    2023-12-04 22:47:46 UTC
    today I got shit on by a bird. I woke up in a miserable fog (my fault for staying up til’ 6am playing a mystery game and FORGETTING TO SAVE!!!) I slept until noon and woke up to a frustrating phone call. drifted around, cried, muttered. walked the dog (that’s…

  8. 54. consider your art’s context

    2023-12-03 16:34:19 UTC
    being away from art school, I forget that my work exists in a context of art movements. hell, I forget that I am an artist every piece of art you make can be examined through the lens of a movement of some place and time, another artist pioneered that movement…

  9. 53. put faces and voices in animations

    2023-12-03 16:34:10 UTC
    this one is simple. people connect to faces and voices, characters! the more that is present, the more audiences will pay attention story and world keep people invested relationships get people REALLY hot n bothered so write steamy relationships between characters in a world. seems simple but it’s easy to…

  10. 52. use a perspective grid

    2023-12-02 06:37:05 UTC
    I’ve been wanting to push my perspectives. more dynamic shapes and compositions. how look at references of course buuut take a 1, 2 or 3 point perspective grid and hit it with the warp and distort tools. this will create more surreal or extra dramatic compositions. a distorted perspective can…

  11. 51. use your imagination

    2023-12-02 06:31:10 UTC
    I got into animation because my imagination runs wild, especially in dreams. It feels good to see these images made real but its become backwards - sometimes I start drawing before I’ve imagined anything much and then I spend hours working on an animation that isn’t based on any idea.…

  12. 50. walk cycle + moving background = illusion of motion

    2023-11-30 08:23:08 UTC
    just to demystify the animation process, you can just make a character doing an action and drop it on top of a scene the illusion will work! the next step up is having direct interaction between person and setting but it’s cool to start simple. this music video is a…

  13. 49. make it cinematic with rhythm and camera moves

    2023-11-30 07:46:53 UTC
    use blur and depth of focus use staging for storytelling use rhythmic cutting/camera move on action this level of camera and editing and cinematography makes stuff more cinematic next tip: use only two poses to imply animation. aka USE LESS FRAMES speed ramping camera motion can give the shots a…

  14. 48. learning light and colour and cinematography

    2023-11-29 03:55:40 UTC
    this video talks about how to practice light and colour by making colour studies A colour study is a simple thing. You take something crazy basic like an egg or an apple and you study how light hits it. How does colour wrap around the egg? How does sunlight pour…

  15. 47. UNPLUG

    2023-11-22 22:55:24 UTC
    the most difficult advice by far. unplug. focus on the animation.

  16. 46. delete your art

    2023-11-22 19:30:59 UTC
    You take a pencil and draw a person, looks pretty good! Now you have two options Being precious means tweaking details, making everything polished and perfect.  Delete your art is the opposite - it means killing your darlings to see what else you can make. Maybe you cut the drawing…

  17. 45. weight moves around

    2023-11-22 02:54:59 UTC
    This animator Aaron Blaise demonstrates how he thinks of weight in motion. He starts animating by getting the action right. He draws loose but clear, he thinks about shapes, not lines. “I wanna open up the silhouette.” good advice “I can shoot video and animate over it.” WOAH! I can…

  18. 44. Animated albums are so hot right now

    2023-11-21 00:29:00 UTC
    Apple Music is pressuring labels and musicians to adopt Apple Motion Album Covers, taking inspiration from Spotify’s Canvas feature, and similar for Tidal and Google Play. The reasons are clear from Spotify’s statistics When listeners see a Canvas, they are more likely to keep streaming (+5% on average vs. control

  19. 43. a walk cycle passes the momentum along

    2023-11-15 20:59:37 UTC
    The more I do walk cycles, the more I see how feet work. They are actually passing the floor from one to the other!  Same as a climber who grabs a rock and pulls it down. Now I’m trying to learn how to do walk cycles in 3d, like walking…

  20. 42. make ur story super relatable

    2023-11-15 20:42:28 UTC

  21. 41. make bigger pictures!

    2023-11-12 06:11:36 UTC
    Just went to TAIS Film Fest (Toronto Animated Image Society) It was so GREAT. and inspiring and omg affordable. the main things I learned are: 1. I found my people as an indie filmmaker and experimental animator! 2. Making a film for screen involves embracing a bigger canvas. STORY and…

  22. 40. a breakdown pose is the secret sauce

    2023-11-11 06:32:24 UTC
    Breakdown pose Draw your extreme poses first. then draw a breakdown pose. use these three poses to block out timing. then fill in the gaps. But HOW do we make the breakdown frame look natural and dynamic? This post

  23. 39. smears are magic!

    2023-11-07 10:37:56 UTC
    a smear, that cartoony frame where a characters eyes are smeared. they work wonders. i think my animation could use more smears. more anticipation and follow thru too! the stuff that makes cartoons feel like cartoons more on smears

  24. 38. networking takes patience

    2023-11-07 10:04:32 UTC
    i spent $320 on a ticket to TAAFI and it was good but also… i felt alienated sometimes people would read me as not helpful toward their goals and I’d feel like a pest. sometimes I met a friend or a peer or a mentor. that was kinda amazing. I…

  25. 37. play with camera placement

    2023-11-07 09:55:00 UTC
    someone went and updated the 12 principles of animation its organized more naturally. I’m noticing my animations have boring cinematography and relationships. im so focused on acting and colour that I’m missing story and scene. also my overshoot game is weak!

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