80. there’s always one more dish

you finish washing the dishes and wipe the counter. that’s when you inevitably find a dirty spatula. so you have to get your hands wet again or leave it at 99%.

Soooo this is true for animation. it’s not finished until it’s finished.

The best thing to do it get those hands wet and push the 99% up as close to 100% as possible. There will be something at the end- a tiny shadow that bugs you. But sometimes you gotta live with that 🤷 otherwise you’ll be exhaustedly fixing shadows instead of having a blast starting your next big project.

what to do about perfection

maybe I need to tell myself that flaws are good. they show personality and perfection is impossible.

really it’s just about sanity. after a while you gotta leave things and move on.

With this Joe Pera animation my work is done! but it isn’t… I have to do like 7 things. so be it. after this i am hopefully done

© Jeremy Nir
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