17. don’t run away, run towards

running away from my fears only makes them remain in my life.

like making animations just so I don’t get caught in a boring job. that mindset puts a ton of pressure on me and injects fear into every decision I make. it makes it harder to take risks because if I fail, I might go broke and end up working in a boring office job again or sweating as a barista again.

instead of running away from the fear of poverty and a terrible job, STOP 🛑

Stand still. Right now be here. It’s scary to stop but there is nothing here to fear. Take a breath.

If you’ve got the energy to run, run towards something.

Run towards an idea that is exciting. Run towards a friend you love. Run to it and arrive at it and explore it. Stop and smell the roses there. Enjoy it.

Pain is inevitable, I think fear is too. But those feelings can be embraced as part of the practice of being alive.

applying this to animation

I love animation. especially 3d environments that evoke feelings. I love to get lost in them and I love to create them. I feel safe and excited in those worlds. It feels like in real life I have trouble connecting with reality but in an imaginary space I feel more immersed. Not sure what that is about.

In this headspace there is no need for my animation to be groundbreaking or hilarious. It can just be a peaceful cabin in the snow or a raft floating through lava. it feels fun.

that’s because it’s coming from love, not fear

© Jeremy Nir
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