14. expand your reading

It’s too easy to read stuff that feels easy. It’s too comfortable to watch what an algorithm know’s I’ll like. I want to have ideas that make me feel uncomfortable, to watch movies that are from different places and times. to expand, not to dominate and gentrify these other ideas but to see myself change and see what else art can do.

I’m listening to The Moth, a podcast where people tell stories from their lives. How else can I expand? Watching movies like Fox and his Friends or Stalker that make me yearn for home. Movies like House and Deerskin that make me feel weird. History from different perspectives. Stories people made that are about something. So much of my art is more about the craft than the idea. I want to see what other artists have done to tell their truth.

I can go to different mediums beyond my phone. Not just books/movies/podcasts but live shows and poetry readings, live comedy and theatre. It can be anything, just see.

Because seeing what other people are doing reminds me that there is stuff going on. Sometimes it feels like there’s absolutely nothing going on. It feels like the world is boring and I’m done. What’s the point of making some cartoon for other bored people?

Well that question answers itself, it gives meaning to life. If I explore the arts and dig into myself, I can bring some of that to other people and help them feel something.

ya, sometimes I just want to watch some nonsense and be comfortable. but I want to take in good and strange and challenging art too.

© Jeremy Nir
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