13. attention matters

now that aritficial intelligence can generate content instantly and in infinite quantities, human attention is becoming the rare commodity.

the viewer feels the art, connects with it and inhabits it.

take a look at this swamp monster concept art generated by Midjourney AI

which monster do you like best? it only took a few seconds for the computer to mash up all the swamp monsters ever seen, make weird mistakes and design decisions and spit something out that is really impressive. 

a computer can make trillions of monsters and never get tired. what it can’t do is feel scared and disgusted, yet fall in love with one of these bog monsters.


right now there is a snowflake landing on a pebble beside a river. there are sunsets and sunrises happening simultaneously on trillions of planets right now. are these moments beautiful? I think beauty is in the eye
of the beholder. Someone must come along and appreciate a thing to make it beautiful or scary or gross.

so why make?

ChatGPT writes faster and better than me so why bother writing this blog?

the expression. I’m writing this at 5 am lying in bed, squinting at a screen and feeling the strain in my wrist. I write because I am learning and this helps me document that path. I write because I’m documenting my path and that path is unique! I have a voice that is developing. it doesn’t matter if I have infinite clones or if nobody reads it. I am experiencing writing this and you are experiencing reading it.

ai art is impressive, but its value truly comes from being loved by a viewer. it’s the emotional connection and response from humans that make art meaningful.

even if robots someday learn to feel, this truth will still hold. art is a feeling, not a commodity.

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