29. let authenticity be a ramp, not a wall

I’ve started projects and put a lot of passion and work into them. Until one day, I realize “this project isn’t authentic to me. It’s not what I truly want to do.” so I shut it down and walk away.

this inner radar I have that detects bullshit is good! It keeps me on the path of being an artist. but it’s also destructive at time.

Handsome & Popular (my project where I sold pins and merch) was pretty successful. I made all kinds of cool pieces and actually sold a bunch. Slowly I lost my passion for it, realizing that my pins were low-quality and were probably unethically made in factories in China. I felt bored with the merch I had to sell. I lost interest and felt disconnected from the project.

My authenticity became a wall and I got the ick. I stopped making stuff on Handsome & Popular and moved toward animation.

I was making an income and it felt like a waste to throw that website and brand away. But I didn’t feel the passion. Here’s a question - should I have kept the name H&P

The fact is, I outgrew the project. I made the tough decision to close that merch website down and begin my new project as an artist.

There are times that my authenticity radar is a wall, but that’s only when I let it stop me from using my voice. If my radar warns me about doing a specific project, I can listen to it.

Authenticity is a ramp. A guide. Let it lead me toward creative expression and make my voice more clear and true.

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