56. managing sleep!

I’m a night owl so I often don’t align with the rest of the world. Understanding my mental rhythm over 24 hours helps me plan ahead.

In the morning I am curious and calm. In the afternoon I like to step outside and get my thoughts in order. In the evening I like to create. At night I like to get tasks accomplished.

Knowing this cycle allows me to accept myself! It’s okay if I’m dumb in the morning or energetic at night.

That said, there is room for change. I found my mind racing at night, scrolling Tiktok or Instagram for hours in bed. This meant I woke up tired and foggy from over-stimulation. The solution has been to compromise with my brain: No TV fun in bed! I can listen to audio or play quiet word games. 

I find embracing my eccentricities leads me to grow. I don’t have to force myself to sleep or be productive, I can do these things because I care and I want to!

© Jeremy Nir
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