10. movies are just crafts

movies seem sort of impossible to make, right? there’s so much to do and 10 million dollars is a tiny budget

but movies are a craft, just like literal craft. like the stuff kids do.

it doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, no stunts or anything. just a good script will carry it. a camera.

I just saw Asteroid City and it was just very.. crafted. It was fun and you could easily see the work of the set designers and actors and musicians and director. It’s not so complicated!

So how do you do crafts? Well if I were making a silly art drawing I’d get all the art supplies out and have fun, just use paste and markers and paint and mess up the paper, keep slapping more stuff on and then grab more paper.

In film it should be the same. Grab the camera (even a phone) and actors (even just myself) and add tons of sound effects and music and whatever! have fun with it and then throw it away. throw it into the garby :)

the beautiful thing about arts and crafts time is it’s fun and honest. It doesn’t really matter what you make, it goes up on the fridge. If I can bring that attitude into my practice of making animations and writing stories and filming them, it will be a happy one.

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